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Quality & Endurance

Peltitarvike is the Finnish market leader in roof drains, but our portfolio of products and services extends from acid-proof stainless steel drains to line drying water drainage channels and auxiliary roof structures and safety products.

We design and build to last.




Solutions For Demanding Locations

Our designers work hand in hand with leading architects and engineers ensuring that quality is never compromised. When choosing a Peltitarvike product you invest in a solution that has been created to endure harsh conditions and meet the most stringent standards. Our roof bridges, for example, are the strongest in the market and are the choice for demanding projects with advanced roofing designs or above average durability expectations like Finland's Nuclear Reactors.

All our products are made to order and meet all European measure, strength and corrosion regulations. Peltitarvike's roofs drains and bridges are made of acid-proof stainless steel and have approved CE-markings.

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Rainwater Systems


  • Drains for Low Pitched & Inverted Roofs
  • Trench drain systems
  • Drains for Concrete Decking
  • Roof Water Decking Equipment

Trench drain systems


Roof Walkways & Safety Products

  • Pito-Peltikattopollari-popup_2105Pito-roof bollards
  • Pito-roof walkways
  • Roof Safety with GreenLine


Machines & Accessories

  • Rekord-19_2015Propane Equipment & Torches
  • Bitumen Boilers
  • Other Machines & Accessories