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Data Protection

Peltitarvike Oy is committed to protecting and using the personal data of the users of its online service according to the Personal Data Act of Finland and the Information Society Code (917/2014). By sending their data using the electronic form on our website, the users accept this data protection statement.

We receive the personal data collected for the users from the users of the service themselves as they fill out the contact/registration form on our website or later during the customer relationship. The information that can be collected and stored regarding the customers consists of information required to process personal data, such as the first and last name, email address, phone number and other contact information as well as the content of the sent message. The data we receive is stored within our customer and marketing register that contains information that is used case-specifically to establish and maintain customer relationships, enable contacts, provide and implement services, and develop business operations for the purposes of our direct marketing. The data in the register will not be handed over to third parties without the user’s consent for other purposes than storage of information and/or the delivery of services purchased by the customer.


Cookie Policy

We may collect data regarding the user’s terminal device (e.g. browser, screen resolution, operating system, IP address, etc.), the use of our website and services (when and how the services are used), and usage rate through cookies and compile statistics and analyze the collected information to improve the usability and content of our website and services. Cookies are small text files stored by the user’s browser on their terminal device and cannot be used alone to identify individual users. The user can prevent the use of cookies by changing the relevant settings of their browser.

The technical implementation of the collection, storage, and maintenance of personal data has been outsourced to a third party. We have ensured that the requirements of the personal data legislation on data processing, storage, and data security are met appropriately through contractual arrangements. The data protection statement of the operator in charge of the technical implementation is available at

Requests for inspection of data according to the Personal Data Act and restriction requests regarding direct marketing, as well as other inquiries related to personal data processing can be addressed to the contact person of Peltitarvike Oy for register-related matters:

Tero Bärlund

+358 (0) 20 741 2770

Peltitarvike Oy

Kivikonlaita 24

FI-00940 Helsinki

We are continually developing our services and therefore retain the right to amend this data protection statement as required due to a change in our operation or the relevant legislation with a notification on our website. This data protection statement is effective indefinitely from March 14, 2018.

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